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A tragedy in New york

  • Different cities, Same Team - Boston Police Detectives Benevolent Society sends union canteen truck to New York City.

    Img 2545Boston police detectives dispatched their canteen truck this past weekend to NYC for the funeral of NYPD Police Officer Rafael Ramos. DBS members Brian Black, Jeremiah Benton, Mike Talbot, Dan Conboy, Paul Painten, Dan Keeler, Kathy Doris, Bill Doogan. Joe Sullivan, Bob Tully (Ret) along with BPPA member Luis Lopez served up over 1,500 bowls of soups, 700 sandwiches, 1,000 bottles of water, and gallons of coffee and orange juice. Legal Seafoods of Boston donated 1,000 servings of clam chowder.
    The food and drinks were warmly received by police officers in attendance from all over the world. The detectives efforts were coordinated with their counterparts at NYPD PBA and The NY/NJ Port Authority Police PBA. Different cities, same team.

  • A City of Mourning and Demonized Police

    ED-AT118 Rabino M Shunned by cops, allied with Al Sharpton, incensed by criticism: New York’s mayor begins his second year. As demonstrations over the grand-jury decisions in Ferguson, Mo., and New York’s Staten Island gathered momentum, Smith College President Kathleen McCartney felt herself obliged on Dec. 9 to issue a campus-wide apology. Her offense? Having said, in a message of support for the protests, that “all lives matter”—for which she became a target of enraged rebukes charging her with insensitivity and with minimizing the concerns of blacks.  Read full story...

  • I rise today in support of the NYPD

    bryanfischer  1 It turns out that almost everything bleated out by the race-mongers and the low-information media about the Eric Garner tragedy has turned out to be wrong. Eric Garner, a 43-year-old father of six, is dead. This is a tragedy, regardless of the circumstances. We rightly mourn with his wife and children. They will never see their husband and father again, and that should break everyone's heart.
    When we witness a gut-rending tragedy like this, we want to know who is responsible. Who is to blame for depriving this family of its husband and father? As the facts emerge, it becomes increasingly clear that, as tragic as this situation is, in the end the culpability for Eric Garner's death rests with Eric Garner.
    To put it as simply as possible, if Mr. Garner had not broken the law and then resisted arrest, he would be alive today. Read full story...
  • Fitzgerald: Cops just can’t win — unless they’re killed

    When a Boston cop named Wayne Anderson was shot to death by a young driver he had stopped for going the wrong way on a one-way street in Dorchester, more than 4,000 fellow officers, including his partner, Bobby Luongo, jammed Warren Street in Roxbury for the funeral at Charles Street A.M.E. Church.
    “It was a different kind of funeral than most of us were used to,” Luongo later recalled. “People kept shouting, ‘Amen!’ But then the minister starts talking about how Wayne had acted professionally, and said, ‘If Wayne had shot first and killed this kid, everyone would be screaming about police brutality.’ Now the whole front row of cops is going, ‘Amen!’ Me, too.”
    It’s a humorous story, rooted in an uncomfortable truth.  Read full story...
  • Hong Kong Businessman Donates $1 Million to Families of Slain NYPD Officers

    A Hong Kong businessman donated $1 million to the families of the two officers shot and killed while sitting in their patrol car in Brooklyn last month.
    The donor, who chose to remain anonymous, donated $500,000 to the education fund set up for the children of officer Rafael Ramos and another $500,000 to officer Wenjian Liu's father.
    The businessman decided to make the donation because he was moved by the story of their execution-style slayings five days before Christmas -- a story that had a "profound" global impact, an attorney for Sing Tao Newspaper, which facilitated the money transfer, said at a Friday news briefing.
    Ramos' widow thanked the donor for the generosity.  Read full story...

Thank you for your many years of service to the People and the City of Boston

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The Boston Police Detectives Benevolent Society honors the 2014 retirees. We salute and say thank you to Detective John M. Derby, Lieutenant Detective Gary S. French, Detective Breydamar Garcia, Lieutenant Detective Robert P. Harrington, Sergeant Detective Paul F. Joyce, Lieutenant Detective Daniel P. Linskey, Detective Jane M. Mulvana, Detective Rosendo Rentas and Detective Robert M. Tully. 

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