Boston Police Detectives Benevolent Society

The exclusive collective bargaining agent
of the Boston Police Detectives

New Detectives

Congratulations to recently promoted detectives Anthony Francis and Timothy Evans who both received their detective shields January 16, 2014, from Commissioner William Evans. We wish Anthony and Timmy the best of luck in their new positions.

Thank you for your many years of service to the People and the City of Boston

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The Boston Police Detectives Benevolent Society honors the 2014 retirees. We salute and say thank you to Detective John M. Derby, Lieutenant Detective Gary S. French, Detective Breydamar Garcia, Lieutenant Detective Robert P. Harrington, Sergeant Detective Paul F. Joyce, Lieutenant Detective Daniel P. Linskey, Detective Jane M. Mulvana, Detective Rosendo Rentas and Detective Robert M. Tully. 

Retired Members

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